About us

When you think Weaving Smiles we want you to think of a bridge , a bridge that has been rebuilt for the purpose of reconnecting people, culture, and value. We stand for a social cause which is often so easily overlooked, we aspire to be the voice of people from different cultures that started it all, we long for giving back to communities who deserve it and lastly we aim to deliver a sense of pride for culture, meaning and tradition with every delivery we make. This isn't a business, its a purpose, and more so an emotion that we so evidently want our customers to share with the craftsmen who create timeless pieces of art and with us. What we do differently at weaving smiles is putting the communities and weavers at the forefront. This allows ever purchase to give back to the sustainability of the communities that truly deserve it. Our motto is to encourage and empower communities whilst commemorating the craft that they create.

This purpose allows weaving smiles to do things a little different:

Breaking out from the vicious cycle of poverty

Even though India is a developing country the sorrowful fact is that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. This vicious cycle needs to be broken for true developement. At weaving smiles we try to do our part by working with communities that need financial independence. By providing products created by taditional weavers we are fortunate enough to give back to them.

Empowering celebration and tradition

Look around and you'll see Indian's culture fading away. When we say culture don't get that confused with religion. Culture is centric, the root of who we are as a country, small significant attributes that play into our identity of being "Indian". In our development and evolution process, we are leaving our culture behind, not our values but the culture of how we dress, greet, speak and so on. We want to bring back the pride that resonates with being Indian by focusing on traditional and culture-centric products. This allows us to celebrate who we are, who we need to remember to be and who we should proudly be in the first place.


Outspread of knowledge

One of our aims is to educate people as much as we can. Educate people about how important it is that we hold on to our traditions, educate people about the craftsmen and weavers. Along with being able to give back, we want our online platform to be a voice for those who can not speak from themselves. Through our blogs, product descriptions and social media page we want to shed light on the people who are genuinely important. This one on one connection will allow you to connect and understand the importance of the bigger picture and hopefully inspire you to do better.