Kosa silk saree / Tussar silk saree – Free delivery in India and Dubai

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This beautiful saree has few things that are included in the Pure Tussar Whole Embroidery Saree: • 80 cm blouse piece • 5.5 m saree length • All over embroidery, that gives a majestic look to the saree over all Kosa silk saree / Tussar silk saree handwoven with full embroidery. Blouse is inclusive . The silk of the saree is silk mark approved and 100% pure silk. The silk is guaranteed. The Pure Tussar Silk needs following care is how it can be maintained well: • It is better to get the Tussar Silk dry cleaned, so as to maintain the quality of the same • The silk must NOT be kept intact and wrapped, as the silk needs to get some air in order to stay fresh for a longer period of time • It should never be kept under direct sunlight, as that would take away the entire essence of the Tussar Silk • One must avoid rubbing the cloth, as that would eventually take away the special quality away from the silk

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