Ponduru Khadi Saree – Dark pink and Yellow floral



Ponduru Khadi Saree comes from a village of the same name – Ponduru, Srikakulum. The village still uses single spinning charkha and the Khadi produced has its own identification. Our Ponduru Khadi sarees are crafted in Srikakulum, Andhra Pradhesh which is what makes it authentic and superior in quality. This particular Ponduru khadi saree is in cream along with grey accents and a black border. The classic look makes it the perfect saree to exude elegance and class.


Weave factor:

Imitation fashion is on the rise; this takes away the light from the true artist. We go to extended lengths to only have traditional craftsmen on board, the craftsmen and artist who create sarees the traditional way. This traditional method of creation also helps the environment since the process is completely nature-friendly. These sarees are hand woven by traditional craftsmen, which is why they are selectively available and only incorporate traditional designs.

Estimated delivery between 2021/03/05 - 2021/03/05
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