Green and brown: Cotton hand Block print


Know More About: Green and brown: Cotton hand Block print

Fabric: Pure Cotton
Craft: Handloom
Pattern: Handloomed cotton
Color: Green and brown
Blouse: Available
Crafted by: Traditional craftsmen from Rajasthan
Region of origination: Gujrat

Saree Dimensions:
Saree: 5.5 meters
Blouse: 0.80 cm

Weave factor: With the fashion industry making a shift to making products that are most sustainable the traditional weavers have been a huge part of this movement because since ages they have only weaved handmade all natural sarees and any purchase would be a contribution to their sustainability.

With this traditionally handblock printed saree you see that the the majority of the pallu is seen in green, yellow and brown. In addition the pallu also adorns a huge peacock motif in the center while the rest of the saree is seen a brown color with vertical lines.

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