Mul Mul cotton contemperory saree with designer blouse – Free delivery India and Dubai

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The Mul-Mul Cotton in India is known to be one of the finest materials in the country. The Block Print Mul-Mul Saree has one of the softest cotton, and is loved by everyone. It is very light to wear, and very easy to carry- one of the reasons why the women prefer wearing the mul-mul cotton. This particular material is famous all over the globe, and represents the country in a massive way. Established in the 3000 BC, this material has gained a lot of popularity over time. The Block Print technique is something that has been famous in the country for a while now and eventually gives a whole new vive to the texture and pattern of the cloth. It is famous in the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat, and has become a part of their personal identity in the country. Established 220 AD, block printing has gained a lot of popularity, and is in high demand by the people, because of the different and royal look that it attains. It was originally originated in China, but India was responsible in making it famous worldwide. Block printing happens to be one of the simplest and the slowest method of textile printing, and is eventually done with wooden blocks. This technique of block printing was developed in 3000 BC, but the art came into notice nothing before the 12th Century. It has been loved and practiced by people since then, and has been loved by people all over. In India, block printing is used not only in the textiles, but also to make the interiors look more attractive. Rajasthan being the base for block printing, the block print mul-mul sarees are manufactured here the most. There are natural colours used in block printing, and that is the entire beauty of the sarees. The following is what the Hand Block Mul Mul Saree contains: • 80 cm blouse • 5.5 m saree length There are a few things to be kept in mind while maintaining the Hand Block Mul Mul Saree: • There is no need for any kind of special ironing for this material; regular ironing would be sufficient to make it last for a longer period of time • Try and maintain to keep them away from things that would easily spoil them; keeping them away from dirty places would make them last long • As the block prints use natural colours, the material needs to be washed inside out, so that the prints stay for a long duration. Free delivery India and Dubai.

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