Handloom Vs Machine made

Ask yourself, What is fashion? Why does it transform periodically?

The first thought that ignites: maybe this transformation takes place because the fashion industry influences our choices seasonally. Contrary to that belief, if you really do consider the factors that come into play with regards to evolving styles and trends, a predominant factor is us: All of us. Human beings undergo constant evolution when we evolve our likes and dislikes evolve with us. Thus this concludes that before trends are set, we unconsciously have already chosen to be a part of their evolution.

The most recent trend:

Just like every other attribute in life, fashion intertwines with society. Since our society has recently been moving backward in the best possible way, fashion has been too. When we use the term moving backward we use that phrase as – remitting back to traditional ways. Fashion has come a long way, but some times this fast pace production can often mean loss of meaning. Roland Barthes quotes ” It’s not the dream but the meaning that sells “. In the 21st century, masses are starting to realize what Barthes said is judicious.

Why Handloom over Machine Made?

What you wear is a direct representation of who we are, and irrespective of wanting to admit it or not we all, to a certain extent, do care about how we present ourselves. Some more than others. Not that doing so or not doing so has to be categorized as bad or good, that is beside the point. If fashion excites you, you are going to put more attention into what you wear and how you look. This blog is for all of those readers, weaving smiles and you have something in common: The love for meaningful fashion. Why we prefer handloom over machine is made solely because of the significance, history, and traditions they uphold. When it comes to generic apparel, anyone could produce it, anyone could procure it. Although when it comes to handloom sarees, a restricted amount retain the art of creating them and even fewer amount are availed to the opportunity of possessing them. We want to encourage an increasing amount of people to choose handloom because you aren’t just wearing meaningful fashion you are doing so much more. What more you ask? Providing sustainability. Most rarely handwoven sarees are specifically created in specific cities. These towns usually house a handful of weavers who have been weaving these sarees from generations. The art of handweaving is are more like an heirloom passed down, a possession of art that is interlocked with emotion, stories and each family’s history. Opting for handwoven sarees is contributing to the sustainability of the place, people and artists that started it all. Choosing handloom sarees is choosing to give out a specific message. A message that everyone needs to adapt. A message that says fashion is more than generic, fashion is a story to be told in the interlaced threads of a saree, fashion is told by the artist who weaved from generations, fashion is told by history of easy design on every garment. Fashion shouldn’t just be fashion, It needs to be a message.

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